OI 5G Launch in Brazil

5G here today in Brasília!
(Oct 7, 2020)

image image

No 5G icon :yum:
These data rate could be even possible with lte CA.

Doesn’t 12 ms of ping response seems to much for 5G?

Is it a commercial network or trial?

Have 5G icon on the top.
But better if the test are P2P.



Depends depends on several factors.
We are using NR = 2100 MHz.
We are not using it for FWA.
Other point, SCS = 15 KHz
For low latency you need SCS = 30KHz or 60KHz.

URLLC services need a much lower latency and for that use the higher SCS, preferably SCS = 60 (0.25 ms).
In 4G the ping was 45 ms.
Our offered service is eMBB.

What frame structure used there?
15 khz indicates 5G on FDD with single SSB, correct?