nzp-CSI-RS-ResourcesForInterference configured for the UE in MU-MIMO logs?

Question is for 5G:
For MU-MIMO has anyone seen in UE logs nzp-CSI-RS-ResourcesForInterference configured for the UE?

In Book “5G in Bullets” it is mentioned that in case of MU-MIMO the max number of layers per UE is limited to 2 and cannot be 4 or 8 like in case of SU-MIMO.
Has anyone faced this limitation in drive-tests log analysis?

Yes, for cb1 it’s is like this.
This is done to control the interference.
Even in good radio condition the UE will report higher MCS but the algoritm overrides it to 2.

But users are dynamically allocated to SU-MIMO or MU-MIMO on a very short time notice.
How is UE informed to change the codebook reporting from type 1 to type 2 in this case?

Have you seen type 2 working with su/mu?
Teoretically it can switch from t2 to t1, but t2 will shrink the coverage due to overhead.

I remember that as 3GPP standard, max layer per MU-MIMO UE is 4 layers.
In Huawei MML command, it can also set max layer per MU-MIMO UE as 4.