NZP csi reference signals for channel measurement and interference measurement

What is difference between NZP csi reference signals configured for channel measurement and interference measurement?
As per my understanding, interference measurement used to report CQI on the basis of SINR condition.
What about csi rs for channel measurement?
Is it like both used for MU-MIMO? Only?

NZP for interference is used to estimate interference from neighbor cells.

Used for regular scheduling, not just for MU-MIMO.

I am finding csi interference measurement resources mentioned for SU- MIMO.
So basically 2 types there NZP CSI reference signals, i.e. channel measurement and interference measurement.

But why do you think interference measurement does not exits in MU-MIMO?

No it’s there.
I’m checking logs now under csi-report config to add mod list we have mapping of CSI-IM-resources for interference, so basically its big mapping.
Interference measurements from a CSI IM Resource (BTS does not transmit anything within these Resource Elements to allow the measurement of background interference) --> whole idea here, so it’s to confirm now. :wink:

NZP CSI RS for CM -> Can be used for measuring Intra cell interference from other UEs of same cell.
CSI RS for IM -> Can be used for measuring Inter cell interference, in this case source cell does not transmit anything and measure interference from neighboring cells.

Thanks dear, so that/ s why we need both or CSI RS for IM suffice only.

First one have many purposes. Measuring intra cell interfrence is one of the purpose.
So it always exist even though MU-MIMO is not working.
But as MU-MIMO UEs increases, resource consumed by it also increases.

Agreed, good point. But need to confirm, as not able to find such theory for intra cell interference.

When UEs 1 is transmitting NZP CSI RS for CM, then other two UEs are configured with NO data in that resources.
So other N UEs can sense interference caused by UE1.

Yes but it’s for mu-mimo only.
For su-mimo they mentioned csi interference measurement.

Yes its correct.
If there is no MU-MIMO, then only single RE will be used for NZP VSI RS for CM.
If MU-MIMO enabled then these REs will be increase.