NWDAF - A Perfect AI ML and Analytics recipe for E2E Network Automation for 5G & 6G

|| NWDAF - A Perfect AI ML and Analytics recipe for E2E Network Automation for 5G & 6G ||

To understand better, lets go technology wise…

> 4G / LTE → No Analytical component in Core Network.

> 5G SA → NWDAF in 5G was introduce as AI – ML / Analytical component for all the NFs. NWDAF for 5G SA, is a AI-based network data for intelligent and autonomous network operation and service management. NWDAF means Network Data Analytics Function.

NWDAF Components = Data collection + Message framework + Logical analysis + Machine learning, and storage

NWDAF Task = It collects data in the 5G core system, analyzes trends, and performs future predictions based on Machine Learning (ML).

NWDAF Limitation as on date = As 5G will have 100s of NF’s and collecting data from 100s of NFs and analyzing it – puts limitation on accuracy / time to give feedback about the issue / High processing time.

Solution = Deploy multiple Local NWDAF and then orchestrate together at central unit.

> 6G → Based on the limitation in 5G, NWDAF in 6G was introduce for each NFs as AI – ML / Analytical component. (Ref. the image below)

Role of Intelligent plane = Information from all Network layers or Other Core Components / Other Technology components is collected + Logical Analysis + AI / Ml based data learning will be performed with ultra-low latency across the entire network area. Additionally, AI-based analysis and inference results are shared through the intelligent plane to ensure high reliability.

Use of Intelligent plane = Parameters and Network configuration information that were previously managed statically for each NF’s are now dynamically auto-configured and optimized.
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