Numerology Effects in 5G NR

:bulb:Numerology Effects in 5G NR

  • :sparkles: With smaller SCS, system is more tolerable to the effects of multi path delay spread. Suggested for Lower frequency range with requirement of wide coverage area.

  • :sparkles: Larger SCS leads to smaller slot length thus enabling shorter TTIs. Its beneficial for fast transmission turn around time (low latency transmission). Suggested for higher frequency range.

  • :sparkles: Larger SCS is advantageous in terms of lower sensitivity to phase noise.

  • :sparkles: SCS selection for a frequency band always a tradeoff task and depends on the kind of deployment considering above factors.

  • :sparkles: Also, mini slot provides the viable solution to low latency transmission irrespective of sub carrier Spacing.

Correlation between Numerology & other frame entity is shown in slide for easy remembering.

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