Number of TTIs on the PDSCH values

Hi Experts.

This is the hourly data I can see different value for this counter.
This for TDD config 2.
Busy hour data

Can understand 2880000 (in 10 ms 8 PDSCH TTI; so, 1 hour = 3600x800 = 2880000).
But what about the other values?
Any idea how these values are coming in busy hour?

It’s not necessary all DL slots have PDSCH.
Means all having data.
This showing only those PDSCH which having data.
Not as per TDD configuration.
Means If DDDSUUDDDD for 5ms then here 7 Downlink slots are there.
But if only 6 having pdsch scheduled then your data will change accordingly.
Your calculations is correct when all DL slots having PDSCH data.
But if some slots not having PDSCH. Calculation will change.

As per my understanding…

Thanks @C_j .
Why all DL subframes don’t contain PDSCH. It can schedule both PDSCH and broadcast information ( such as SI RNTI, Prnti, etc) in a DL subframe, right?
This data is for busy hour. It can schedule PDSCH for at least one UE in a sf.

I am just trying to understand the calculation behind this counter…

Can you check Throughout with respect to this data.
I exactly don’t know about this counter but if it’s may be it’s not including System information.
Only for user data.