Number of PUCCH out of sync !? E///

Dears Expert,

Can anyone explain what’s the issue if we’re facing with the important number of PUCCH out of sync over all EnodeBs from area network? Ericsson vendor.

Thanks in advance

I think it is due to one of the 3 reasons/causes. First reason is improper link budget that is short on UL ( imbalance between DL and UL) that is most likely due to overshooting cells (not enough tilt) and UE reaches max Ul transmit power. Second reason/cause is strong interference in UL so you should enable all Ul ICIC features possible(static and dynamic). Third reason/cause is improper settings for ponominalpucch and other related parameters. If it’s none of this then you should take traces and involve Ericsson in the equation. Just my opinion.

Thanks @rf_5g for your feedback, but in our case All sites (around 60 sites) are suffering of this issue. I think its related to load or capacity.

I want to know if we enable the feature Inactivity triggered pucch release at high load can we solve this problem?