Number of HARQ processes in LTE/5G in DL/UL

Hi All,
For LTE in UL there are 8 harq process for tm1 and 16 for tm2.
And for LTE in DL there are 8 harq process.
For 5G in UL there are 16 harq process per cell.
And for 5G DL as well 16 harq process number.

Any correction required?
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LTE has only max of 8 HARQ process either for DL or UL or regardless of TM.

I’ve seen for the Uplink, LTE Advance Carrier Aggregation it is 8 per serving cell (transmission mode 1) and 16 per serving cell (transmission mode 2).

Thanks for sharing, I will check UE logs to see.

As per my knowledge, LTE has 8 HARQ process for DL or UL.

I never seen process ID >8 in logs .

Could you please share the log snippet where you have seen HARQ process till 16 w.r.t TM mode as well.

Thanks !!!