Number of bwps configured in the UE

Hi All,
Is bwp-samenumerology the IE which shows maximum no of bwps for a specific band in UE capability?
I want to know number of bwps configured in the UE.

You can check under spcell config, there is initial dl/ul bwp, dedicated bwp related IE.

Only 1 active bwp can be configured to UE.

And only 4 bwp possible to configure.

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4 bwp may be suitable for mmW.
Now I see Huawei support 2 bwp.

Actually we have a test in NSA for link adaptation.The configuration is B2 + N260 (8 cc).
I see CSI reports for only 2 NR cells.
So when I checked UE capability can see.
Maxnumberperiodiccsi-perbwp-forcsi-report= 1.
So posted the query on bwp.

But only 1 bwp per cell/carrier is active.
Why would you expect that IE to be more than 1?

Yes. My concern was only for 2 cells out of 8 csi is getting reported.
So would like to know which IE is limiting that.
I saw the parameter maxnumberperiodiccsi- perbwp-forcsi-report in csi-report framework in UE capability info.

Ref: 3GPP TS 38.306 version 15.5.0 Release 15

maxNumberPeriodicCSI-PerBWP-ForBeamReport indicates the maximum number of periodic CSI report setting per BWP for beam report.

One periodic csi report per bwp.
BWP is per cell.
csi are for various purposes.
Normally you should get a csi-report with cqi-pmi-ri for each cell in the NR CA.
One per NR cell/carrier.

Csi report per cell and in your case there are 8 cells, 8cc.
What is the meaning of 2 cells out of 8 csi getting reported?
Do you mean 6 cells csi is not reported?


  1. Reportconfig done for cell1, cell2, cell3, cell4, cell5, cell6, cell7, cell8.
    Result: only cell1, cell2 reported.
  2. Reportconfig done for cell1, cell2.
    Result: cell1, cell2 reported as expected.
  3. Reportconfig done for cell1, cell3.
    Result:cell1, cell3 reported as expected.