Number of abnormal releases of activated E-RABs due to OTHER

Hi Experts.

What could be the possible reason of increase in this “other” counter?

L.E-RAB.AbnormalRel.Other: number of abnormal releases of activated E-RABs due to OTHER

Description means if the cause for the abnormal E-RAB release is not radio network layer fault, transport layer fault, radio network congestion, or handover failure, the L.E-RAB.AbnormRel.Other counter is incremented by 1.

Any abnormal release which is not in other counters :blush:

Now, seriously:
You see, abnormal release can be due to numerous reasons (details are in specs).
Sometimes its not possible to write specific code and counter for reasons which rarely happen.
So programmers simply bundle those into “other” category.
To go to next level you need lower layer trace or you can try to check counters on MME side.
That might be pegged in more better counter category.

Yes exactly, will do traces on those cells to further dig down.

Not sure if you know or not, Huawei eNBs are extremely powerful.
They save board logs for couple of days.
If you can get access to those and latest FMA libraries, you can do analysis without taking traces.
Of course all of these need expert level knowledge of Huawei tools.

Yes will check those logs as well but access to those logs from customer end is quite difficult, traces can be extracted easily.