NSA option 3x verification

Hi All,
We are trying to verify NSA - NR option 3x.
We want to add LTE1+ NR1+ NR2 configuration.

NR1 addition is working.
NR2 addition failing.

In RRC reconfiguration for NR1 can see radio resourceconfigdedicated - eps bearer id.
In NR2 addition RRC reconfiguration can’t see eps bearer id.

Can that be reason for failure as UE sends reestablishment request with cause reconfiguration failure?

Did you check if UE is supporting LTE + NR1 + NR2 and whether NR freq are FR1 or FR2?

Yes, UE supports the band combo, and are FR2.

Is it in the lab or field test?

It is in Lab.

What is the event triggered causing this failure form UE logs?
Did you get a chance to check?
Which OEM?

NR1 & NR2 are same or different sites in your test?