NSA accessibility

Hello Experts,
I am looking for some solution to improve NSA accessibility?
What are the main resons for degradation and how to resolve it?
Thank you in advance…

check below link

Hi Experts,
What can be the reason for Addition reject with cause “protocol: semantic-error( )”
We traced the Add rejections and more of them are with this cause.
Thank you in advance,

Maybe something mismatched, unsupported at pdcp, rlc, qci setting between gnb & enb.

Maybe but we check it all related parameters …

How is SN length of 4G and 5G?

Hi Hainm,
in our case this size is “pdcp-SN-SizeDL/UL: len18bits”.


What is 4G Qci?
Pls check same QCI value at 5G: Pdcp/rlc SN length, rlc mode, …

the used QCI are the same in both.
The problem is low Call accessibily. There are success sgbn addition request but there are many attemts with reject…

Is the NR carrier DSS?

We use just NSA-3.5 without DSS.

70MHz or 90 MHz??

We use 90MHz,


Most probably devices that do not support 90 mhz are being rejected by gNB.
Check ue capability

I am not sure for that, which type of devices have problems with “90Mhz”?