NSA Access Signaling: Failures Possible Causes & Troubleshooting (NSA Series#1)

This video is part of the Non-Standalone series, where we will cover signaling call flow, Troubleshooting guides, 5G traffic increase, insights on how to detect low-traffic sites, and the top 5G NSA features.

In this video, we’ll deep dive into NSA Access Signaling, specifically focusing on SgNB addition signaling and all related aspects.

We will explore potential failures, their causes, and effective troubleshooting methods. The following is covered in this video:

  1. NSA(ENDC) Network Overview
  2. 5G Secondary Node Addition procedure
  3. Signaling Key Information elements Contents
  4. NSA Troubleshooting Guide: Identification of Accessibility Issues

Study Sources:
3GPP TS 37.340 version 15.5.0 Release 15 (Page 22 & 23)
5G NR in Bullets

Watch the video on YouTube: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDUgpXlZFik

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