NSA 6 beams network planning

Hi All.

Any input for azimuth planning?

  • 3.6 GHz TDD 5G
  • left/right angle 60 deg
  • vertical bw:10deg
  • intersitedistance:1.1km
  • tower height:35m
  • current azimuth: 15/105/220

I don’t think it is good to set like this.

What should I check for a better planning?

NSA 6 beams network.

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You should be careful when planning your right left angle.

For example for your case sec1-sec2 = 90deg.

So if you set left/right angle = 60deg, you will have problem.

You need to set like this:

  • Sec1: left/right=45
  • Sec2:left/right=45
  • Sec3:left:right=60

Like this you will have:

  • Sec1–>sec2=45+45=90 which is diff az sec1 and sec2
  • Sec2–>sec3: 45+60=105 which near 115
  • Sec3–>sec1: it seems you aren’t targeting to serve btw 280-315 so you are ok with this setting

For beams it’s adviced to have two level of beams 5_3 for example or 6_2, however you need be careful if your frame structure allow to have 8 beams.

Actually that part is clear.

I know azimuths are currently set wrong and I can modify the left right angle.

The question is up and downside or following LTE azimuth?

And what’s the recommendation in azimuth planning?

Slot format 1:4 so we can have max 6 beams.

Regarding 280-315, yes, it has planned like this I send you the map over here.

Also it has beem said azimuth should be same in the neighbour sites, but not necessarily I think.

Not necessarily to have same azimuth between neighboring sites.

However for your information two level beams give high chance to have 4x4 MIMO as there will be more overlap between two beams, with each beam giving 2 stream + - 45.

Hence having two beams overlap will allow more 4x4 MIMO.

That’s right absolutely.

We use at some sites 4_2 but this is not the question.

İf you were planning that site, how would you plan the azimuth?

I think that since I are using NSA you are obliged to follow 4G.

I mean better to follow 4G, since anchoring is done on 4G and also to Benidorm from LTE CA+NR better to have comparable coverage.

So I recommend to follow LTE azimuth and adjust left / right angles according to avoid overlap of 5G SSB AND impact your SINR.

Agree. Thanks a lot!