NSA 5G best option for anchor in 3.5GHz with 100 MHz

Hi Dear experts.
I have a LTE network with the following carriers:

  1. LTE 700 MHz with BW: 15MHz
  2. LTE 1900 MHz with BW: 5MHz
  3. LTE 2100 MHz with BW: 20MHz

We want to deploy NSA 5G in 3.5GHz with 100 MHz.
Which one is the best option for anchor?

Do you have continuous coverage for all layers?

No, we don’t.

Which layer has the highest contribution?
Anyway, it’s clear that L2100 should have the highest NSA anchoring priority due to coverage and BW reasons.
For L700 most of indoor users especially the deep indoor users won’t get 5G signal @ all due high 5G freq 3.5G.

Hi, LTE 2100.

Free camping for all layers.

AWS layer.

Both L1900 and L2100.

L1900 has only 5MHz BW, not recommended.

L1900 has less bw, L2100 should be high.
I have not worked much on 5G, but your data runs parallely 4G and 5G.
So 2100 should be highest.