NSA 3x/3a gtp-teid changes after moving

Hi Experts,
Do you know someone, in Nsa 3x/3a gtp-teid after moving to nsa should remained the same like for default bearer on LTE or it should be changed?

Your EPS bearer and DRB ID changed after SCG addition.

In case of SN terminated split bearer (Which is most of the time NSA 3X case) GTP-TEID will change toward gNB.
But it can be different per EPS-bearer.
Like for EPS-Bearer 7(QCI-1) old GTP-TEID toward eNB can be used.
For EPS-Bearer 5(QCI-9 default bearer) new TEID toward gNB can be used.
This is my theoretical understanding. Someone can correct it.

Are you sure regarding changing of DRB identity? When is this change happening, during 5G rrcConnReconf?

Core log I checked in message modify eps bearer message.

Ok, so it should be changed.