NR throughput (NSA) when link adaptation is triggered

Hi Guys,
I have to calculate approx expected NR throughput (NSA) when link adaptation is triggered.

So I enabled csi and taking into consideration the most reported CQI and most reported RI to calculate average 5G NR throughput.

Is that approach correct?

In NR DL link adaption will correct CQI reported using OLLA but I think for NR throughput calculation we used PRB allocated, MCS as per corrected CQI, etc.

I mean from reported cqi -> cqi table and get modulation order and Rmax.
I’ll use the most reported RI as No of layers and calculate the throughput using the throughput formula in 38.306.

Yes looks ok :+1: lot of manual calculation as we use to have macro for it where need to fill frame structure used, no of symbols, csi periodicity, etc fields.

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