NR SRS configuration

I’m studying the SRS configuration and I noticed that within the IE SRS-Config there can be SRS-Resource and SRS-PosResource.
At first I thought it could be a SRS resource used for positioning, but I could not find any information in this regard.
Does any of you know what is the difference between the SRS-Resource and the SRS-PosResource?

SRS-resource and SRS-PosResource are different kinds of SRS signals. SRS-posResource is introduced in rel16 but SRS-resource is supported from rel-15 onwards. In terms of the applications, both are uplink reference signals where SRS-PosResource is used as additional degree of freedom to estimate the UE’s location (this is as per my current understanding of it) and SRS-resource is used mainly for UL channel estimation by gNB. When TDD is in place, since the UL and DL channels are same, the same SRS-resource configured for UL can be used by gNB to estimate DL too.

Sounds right!
Thanks a lot!