NR SCG Modification

Hello Experts,

Can SCG Modification be considered a 5G->5G handover? We know that in NSA, the UE first releases an SCG and then adds the new SCG using SCG Release and Addition procedure respectively. NR_B1 event is being used to trigger SCG addition for all the operators I have tested (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile). However, I have observed A1, A2, A3 events on NR radio and A3 event is being used to trigger SCG modification in NSA. According to my understanding, SCG Addition can be considered an RRC reconfiguration without mobility and SCG Modification is reconfiguration with mobility. Let me know if my understanding is correct. Also, does it make sense to compare SCG Addition and SCG Modification e.g. the duration for both these procedures etc?