NR Rach results in UE post procesing tool after RRCSetupComplete

Hi Experts.

Anyone has idea why I’m seeing NR Rach results in UE post procesing tool after RRCSetupComplete?

All your RACH failed, just last one was successfull.

I think is a matter of different timestamp in your shannonDM tool.

No big deal, I would say.

Yeah, must be something with timestamp.

Without RACH success you would not have RRC Setup and Complete.

But is strange so many contention failures.

I doubt your cell is so loaded… so why contention at msg4 fails so much?

The problem is that occasionally I see successful contention-based RACH but no RrcSetup.

It is not, cell is for testing purposes, so no congestion.

Reason for this might be RACH failures.

It will not try to infinite.

At some point UE will return to idle if RACH keep failing.

Yes, after t300 expiration it will go to idle.

Exactly 1sec after rrcsetuprequest (t300 timer)

In the meantime I can see Contention-based RACH success but no msg4 from gNb

I mean rrcSetup.

I have seen this before, UE can’t pass MSG3 in Uplink.

You mean due to UL RF issues?

Yes, link budget is always Uplink limited.

Also interference plays a role.

OK, make a sense. Will check further :+1:

But I have one doubt:

I see some examples with successful RACH contention based but after that I cannot see rrcSetup and after t300 expiration rrc establishment failed.
I cannot understand how is that possible as those two should be the same.
Does it mean that UE just successful decoded DCI with c-rnti but failed to decode PDSCH?

Anybody share the tool shannonDM?

Unfortunately, it is not a free tool → Is anyone using DM Shannon or any tool for Samsung UE logs?

i know that. if anybody can share,i can share MTK tool ELT with account。