Not all ping request responded from UE to CN

Hello Experts.

I am trying to ping from UE to CN, but not all PING request and getting responded.

What might be the issue here?

BLER is OK and within range.

Check beyond air interface.
Check TWAMP.

What is TWAMP?

TWAMP is the protocol for ping. (What is TWAMP?)

Check PCAPs in Wireshark.

Why some of the UDP length are not correct?

I can see for the Ping request whose response came is of 108 bytes, rest are problematic.

Can you share complete capture?
And what was the size of payload for ping?

This is application level ping packet… some application riding on GTP is doing ping request.
So it seems data is missing on those packets or might be currupted.
UDP payload length should be equal to frame length - 20 (IP header min length)

ICMP isn’t based on UDP,

You can trigger ping from server but there are many options for message size and tcp config and also…how many icmp packets per seconds…and many options…(so many parameters regarding buffer size and uplink trigger or size of downlink ping also…in every layers of LTE / 5G technology)

Of course, Core network and eNB or SGW and PGW eliminates redundant data or useless data for UE because “idle procedure” too much active time isn’t good for handset.

It was old trick in the book when Service providers trying to make customers to pay up and buy new phone by triggering too many idle to active or active for long data.

When batteries don’t work properly or phone gets heated up they always buy new phone…

Also, in radio Uptime and Downtime for TDD or because of granted resource for UE in any RAT, some ping ICMP packets maybe discarded if too often triggered.