Nokia RSRQ A2 threshold parameter

Hi Nokia LTE experts,

From DT I am finding that UE doing LTE DL is handing over to 3G immediately RSRQ <-19dB.

DL DCCH reconfiguration messages shows eNB giving a2 threshold RSRP -119 & RSRQ -19.

We have enabled coverage based LTE PS ISHO.

Which NOKIA parameter is this setting RSRQ A2 threshold to -19?

Threshold2MobRsrq. It is a shared A2 for IFHO and IRAT.

Thank you Sir.

This parameter is currently unset for most 99.6% of cells. 0.4% cells are set to 4 (-18dB)

What is the workability difference between Threshold2MobRsrq and b2Threshold1RsrqUtra?

Threshold2MobRsrq = Event A2 to trigger gap-based measurements (A5 for IFHO and B2 for IRAT).
b2Threshold1RsrqUtra = Event B2-Threshold1 (source LTE cell) based on RSRQ.