Nokia GSM Abis over IP PCAPs

Hi team,

I’m trying to integrate a Nokia Airscale BTS into OsmoBSC (The open source base station controller.)
In order to do this, I need a working PCAP of an Airscale (or FlexiBTS) connecting to the BSC.

I can see it’s trying to bring up a ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation Layer link, but when I respond back to it with the standard rfc3057 response, it’s not coming up.

A PCAP of a BTS connecting would be super valuable, hoping someone can help out!


Maybe it has some proprietary messages and it can just connect to Nokia BSC.

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A few years ago we built an adoption layer for Q921 IUA to OsmoBSC. This layer worked with Nokia Flexi OML/RSL.

Nokia SRAN seems to use a different flavor of OML than the one used by traditional Nokia Flexi GSM.

I may have some traces. Give me a ping if you want to discuss details.

Michael A