Nokia eICIC Feature

Hi experts ,
Can any one explain about Nokia eICIC feature? What are advantages and disadvantages?

It’s used for mitigation of interference between macro and small cell on the basis of concept ABS.

Hello, as mentioned by @ankgitm, eICIC is used for interference mitigation.

There are two main features for it LTE1113 for “macro” and LTE1496 Micro (Flexi Zone Micro).
Goal is to increase capacity offered by the network. Different use cases:

  • Serving hotspots: capacity of nearby macro is insufficient.
  • Improve the quality in some locations (poor RF coverage of macro or insufficient quality due to interference).

In order to mitigate the interference suffered by UEs in the Cell Range Expansion (CRE) area, the macro may suspend the traffic channel (PDSCH) in some subframes, known as “almost blank subframes” (ABS). The occurrence of the ABS follows a specific “muting pattern” (MP).
Macro and micro eNBs engage in an “eICIC partnership” via X2. This allows exchanging cell load and muting pattern information. In principle, both CRE area and MPs can be changed dynamically.

Hope this can help.