Noise (interference) disappear when turning off own site

Hello All,
I am picking up this noise level when pointing from the top in front of the antenna,
Could it be that it’s coming from the site itself?
Because whenever we turn off GSM 900, the noise disappear.

Is there any repeater near the site?

The degradation appears in U900?
If Yes, maybe you have to check the PIM Pb.
Try to check antenna chain, VSWR, Connectors.

No Repeater.

But RTWP is high on 2100 band.

PIM could have impacted 2100 also.

Could be intermodulation interference issue.

Does your TCH and BCCH are in the same WB of WCDMA?
Check TCH and BCCH if are between channel WCDMA.
Turn off your preamplifier and check.

This is with Pre-Amp off:


You don’t have problem with GSM.
The RTWP high when is problem with cosite without pre amp you can see the high RTWP.

You have RTWP of sector.
And other sector of the same RBs.

I have changed antenna direction and monitor RTWP and it has decreased.

I have hunted in the area but couldn’t pick up any external interference.