NodeB can't send PS to the UE

Hi team,

In my network a NodeB can not send PS data to the UE, nevertheless the UE is so near to the NodeB.

The NodeB shows alarm type IP Clock Link Failure, this may affect?

Check the alarm with wireless team and with transmission team

Check the TAC configuration in CORE end.

Ping MME from eBN. Whether any packet loss, then need to check TX end.

Is 2G PS Ok?

Yes folks, 2G is OK.

Check if the cells are created in CORE side…

The following checks might helps.

  1. Whether it’s a single site issue or multiple site issue;
  2. If it’s single site, check the 3G configuration in NodeB end;
  3. Clear the IP Clock reference alarm in the site;
  4. Check whether any recent activity happened in the site;
  5. Check if HS services are active in NodeB end;

Thank you for your help.

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Clear the alarm ,time issues arises as a result of this

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