No wires or towers: Satellite broadband promises to be the next big thing in India

Will 5G 6G survive the sattelite broadband coming in the next 2 years?

Sometimes, I think, we are overriding on upgrading technology.
We are not letting anything settle well.
LTE is still having evolutions.
NR is still a baby.
And we started 6G research.
Great to se this, but what abtthe ground works.
If any of the tech properly settled across so that upgrade is done over it.

With sattelite broadband, field engineers won’t be required but IBS engineers will be in demand.

It’s like just doing 1 lab test successfully and move to another.
Forget the realisation.

All hype only be focus on current work radio will be required always.
ML / AI there in boom but still working hands required.

Radio is going to be past sooner…Or will be here always, though it will keep reducing with time.
Radios are not proprietary anymore.
Now it is Open RAN…and soon it will be SoRaN.

Open RAN new vendors tried so much but still Radio of legacy vendors on top.

SW oriented RAN.

They are not letting things settle down well.

Also, markets like Latin America doesn’t have the economic potential to upgrade so fast…
Still on 4G deployment, not even thinking on invest in 5G.

Actually, SoRaN would significantly reduce the price.
Hence it would be logical to operators to skip technologies.

Amazon I think has already started to recruit IBS guys in Mumbai on this sattelite technoly.
And if success will roll out in other cities.
They are starting with building first.

Whatever happen, but need of mobile handset irreplaceable.

Yeah some kind of sattelite phone.

Never be so sure brother…
There were times we used to say: Telephones will always be there.
Then came the pagers…
Then we saw feature phones…
Now smart phones…

We don’t know what’s coming.
But yes, communication is always relevant.

People are addicted for these smart phone, so will take time not so fast as we seen in tech side 5G jump to 6G to satellite :satellite:

I read Elon was crazy thinkng on inserting chips in body.
Don’t know, the matrix can be real :smiley::smiley:

So rather than thinking much …invest in Tesla stocks! :grin:

Amazing tip :rofl::rofl:

Satellite communication race: :slight_smile:

Musk, Bezos set to offer broadband in India…

Is it the end of telecom?

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