Hi Expert, there is case where UE cannot enable to send RRC_UE_CAPABILITY_INFORMATION till session expires then it resulting S1_INITIAL_CONTEXT_SETUP_FAILURE with “interaction-with-other-procedure” and from CN sent “Delete session request” after 7s then NAS EPS Mobility Management Message Type: Attach reject with EMM cause Protocol error, unspecified (111) sent to UE.

Any workaround in such case?

I think that “interaction-with-other-procedure” is due to another reason, not due to Ue not send UE_CAP_INFOR.
Could you send a picture of signaling messages?


Attached information that node B reject to MME

in common thing yes some of interaction with other procedure corelated like overwrite with HO procedure and something else.

another case but it was solved because some handset only support band 1 and after changed the reselection to band 1 it got resolved. but in this case i check UE supported in current layer so there is no limitation i believed. FYI handset is Hmd Global Oy TA-1165/C1

if it’s attach procedure, I dont think UE is in handover progress.
Maybe the terminal has issue, it does not report UE-CAP or radio interface faulty.

Yes this is part of initial establishment.

i guess also this because of handset issue. btw any workaround why this node cannot respond in part of UE-CAP? bear in mind no issue on UL/DL and site under good condition here :slight_smile:

try testing with another phones.
If due to terminal issue, no solution, just contact phone-vendor.

Try to request specific band/band combinations to reduce the size of the message

request to phone vendor you mean? and how it can be reduce the size of the message here? it interesting to know it can be reduced

In the UE Capability Enquiry message, the enodeb can request specific bands only so the ue capability Information becomes smaller specially in CA combinations