No neighbors configured from TDD to FDD, but ANR is active

Hi Experts.

I have an issue with neighbors between LTE TDD and FDD.

No neighbors are configured from TDD to FDD (ANR is active).

Vendor is Ericsson.

If your network is E///, have you configured the eutranfrequency and eutranfreqrelations accordingly?

Yes, the eutranfrequency is OK.

Also feature for intermode HO?

Intra-LTE Inter-Mode Handover (LTEFDD/TDD)
Data Forwarding at Intra-LTE Handover (LTEFDD/TDD)

Ok thanks! Maybe this is actually is deactivated. Let me check.

As an advice for testing purposes, you can manually create a relation FDD <–> TDD and see if works.

Asking just for clarity: is it a condition that we can define nbrs
from TDD to FDD
from FDD to TDD,
both ways are OK?

Unless your TDD will serve only to stationary customers, both ways must be defined, for the Mobility and Load Balancing to work for.

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Thanks, this was very useful!

Today applied the change and now we have NBR between FDD-TDD ando TDD-FDD!

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