No input power in RRU´s 5G

Hello experts,
I hope all are doing just fine.
I need your support. We have having a hard time in our indoor system , using Comba solution ( DAU, ACU, DEU and DPU for indoor coverage ) ,Unfortunately the rru´s are not irradiating the power in the meantime taking off the coaxial cables from the rru´s we can the site irradiating the signal.
Actually we are using connectors on coaxial cable. We have faced high VSWR alarm, but now we are working on it , and it seems fine but still no input power.
The frequency band for 5G is 3500 Mhz.

Can you please suggest anything will should do in order to fix that??
Thanks in advance.

Hi Bro, so youre feeding the rrus output to an indoor solution? the rru that is not radiating is the rru from the indoor solution or the rru from your “vendor” equipment???

Hello Brother you are right, actually the RF signal is not going through the indoor system to the antennas.But we can get the signal inside technical room.Now are working on jumpers, once we have high vswr…and working on configuration as well.

Still with the problem?