No handover after upgrade from 10 MHz to 15 MHz in one Sector

Dear Experts.

I have an issue on LTE.

I have a site with one L1800 carrier.
In one sector, bandwidth was upgrade from 10 MHz to 15 MHz.
But it don’t have any HO on the cell.

I have defined interfreq on collocated cells.

Vendor is Nokia.

Deactivated ANR
Deleted all LNADJ and LNREL
Then activated ANR

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Was cell halted and restarted correctly?

BW also need cell to be halted before.

Yes, it was.

No attempt for incoming and outcoming?

Intra freq is 0 on the cell.

Inter freq also 0.

E-UTRAN Inter-Freq HO Att

Why 1 cell…not in a cluster or many cells?

Was just to show to customer the workaround.

BB not enough to enable all the cells.

Try in 3 cells on that site?

Not possible for now.

Only 1 cell can be upgraded.
Due to BB limitations.

They have to install 1 FBBC.

Throughput improved:


Yes because PRB increased.

Indeed. But my concern is HO.

It is kind of difficult to troubleshoot through WhatsApp, however my recommendations:

  1. Discard Hardware issues (RRU, BBU, Transmission status for X2 links, S1 link), since this is only one cell.

  2. Discard Configuration on the following parameters:
    2.1 Intra-Freq HO: enableBetterCellHo, enableCovHo, actLTES1Ho, prioTopoHO
    2.2 Inter-Freq HO: actIfHo, eutraCarrierInfo
    2.3 LNHOF: eutraCarrierInfo, measurementBandwidth
    2.4 IRFIM: dlCarFrqEut, measBdw,

  3. Verify that ANR is enabled and working, maybe delete all LNREL and let the ANR create them again.

Oh much thanks my friend!

Just seen the parameter i forgot: actIfHo
Forgot to enable thisfor IF to start working

All others parameters well set and LNHOIF defined.

ANR part done before: deactivation, deletion, activation.


Live measurements - IFHO working:

And what is the value for the another cells (with bw = 10 MHz)?


I enabled it on the 3 cells with differents LNHOIF.

  • S1 is in 15 MHz
  • S2/S3 are 10 MHz

Ah ,ok.