New iPhone feature impacting device to stay on NSA instead to select SA

Hi Experts.

Anyone here knows about some new iPhone feature that is comming with ios 17 that will impact device to choose staying on NSA instead to select SA because of more BW on NSA (due to split bearer)?

I would like to understand how it is working from Signaling perspective.

I guess device will set N1mode to 0 or something.

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Which feature?

There is SA option under mobile connection… If you select this you’re on SA.

Not exactly.

Looks like iPhone ios17 has some internal vendor specific feature due to which phone is staying on NSA instead of going on SA.

Sib-24 is there but n1mode is set to 0 so device is staying on lower prio Technology.

So my question is if someone has an idea is: Based on what device is choosing will it use n1mode 1 or 0?