Networking Basics - Course by Cisco

There are several reasons why you should take a good Computer Networking basic course. If you already know the subject, you can review concepts. And if you’re a beginner, you’ll have a good reference to go deeper.
The course is free and is from Cisco. Enjoy.

The internet is built on computer networks. So no matter what kind of tech career you are interested in, it is essential to know some networking basics! Whether you are preparing for a career in networking, refreshing your knowledge for an industry-recognized certification, or are just curious about what networking is all about, this is the place for you.

This course covers the foundation of networking and network devices, media, and protocols. You will observe data flowing through a network and configure devices to connect to networks. Finally, you will learn how to use different network applications and protocols to accomplish networking tasks. The knowledge and skills you gain can give you a starting point to find a rewarding career in tech.

  • Course Type: Free. (No purchase required, anytime).
  • Course Duration: 25 Hours. (Estimated time to complete - but finish it in your time).
  • Labs: 13 Labs. (Hands on activities to practice real world scenarios).
  • Course Level: Beginner (Level of the course).
  • Language: 3 Languages (English, Español, Português).

Source: Networking Basics - Skills for All

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How Cisco Networking is related with latest 5G technology and deep knowledge we need to have