Network Slicing - Demystified

If 5G is a Cake then…

Network Slicing: Is a “Cherry” or 'icing" or “Slice of Cake” ?


In this article you will know:

  • Network Slicing Deployments with EPC

  • Network Slicing Deployments with 5GC

  • Important Terminologies

  • Network Slicing Model (3GPP SA5 Perspective)

  • Slice Life Cycle management (Example)

  • Network Slicing Operation

  • General Design Principles

  • UE Assisted Network Slice Selection

  • UE Registration

  • PDU Session Establishment

  • Last Bonus Tip: Network Sharing vs. Slicing vs. APNs vs. QoS Flows

Network Slicing - Demystified

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Thanks, really nice post.

But please make sure to watch this video: 5G Network Slicing - Deep Dive

Everything you must know to start working with 5G network slices.