Network absence at the end of call

Hi Experts.

In a 2G/3G/4G network.
If customers are getting network absence at the end of call (See network symbol at top right).
Will activating the select 3g cell after call release to YES help.
Or maybe should I tweak the fast return to 4g thresholds?

I think you have to do a drive test to see exactly the UE behavior.

It could be Handset problem but it’s better you to check Cell/hourly KPI trend.

If this is due to UE, is there anything that can be done from network end to ease the out of network spell at call termination?

Our drive test phones are Sony and everything is OK on them.
I think it’s handset issue … I have tracked down 10 of the complaints and all handsets are Samsung. The newer model smartphones.

So (in case anyones interested) we did sim replacements to rectify this issue.

Turns out Samsung has an IMEI issue.

Their device is unable to detect the network and up comes the “Not Registered on Network” message. This occurs because after getting an update, your device IMEI number is changed to “SN 0000″ and it shows that your device SN number has been broken and need to be fixed.

In this situation the ‘Not registered on network’ error will show itself when you attempt to make a call or text. This occurs because your Service Provider is simply not notified of your IMEI number so on the screen you will see “Not registered on Network“.