Netvelocity for Drive Test

Hi all,
Anyone has used Netvelocity for DT?
If somebody can share any references or user guide for it?
I will appreciate it.

Never heard of.

A network testing tool like ookla.


Not showing correct downlink speed.
Uplink seems ok.
Ookla is better.

It is also good tool, used for example in Reliance JIO.

But for DT XCAL is used.

Maybe that’s why it is always taking server as Jio.
May be optimised for Jio network.

Not necessary…Where Airtel of VI good … it shows them good also compared to JIO.

I am on Satellite network where latency is more than 500 ms.
My link is 10 Mbps. But shows only 0.4 Mbps.
So may not be optimised for higher latency network.

But Ookla shows close.

Yes, might be.