Nephio: Cloud Native Network Automation

The Linux Foundation and Google Cloud Launch Nephio to Enable and Simplify Cloud Native Automation of Telecom Network Functions.

New Open Source Project at the Linux Foundation brings Cloud, Telecom and Network functions providers together in a Kubernetes world

It is designed to provide Kubernetes-based cloud-native intent automation and automation templates to make it easier for telecom operators to deploy and manage multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network functions across large-scale edge deployments.

It sits on top of a Kubernetes substrate either directly controlled from an operator or a hyperscaler-based platform like Google Config Connector, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Controllers for Kubernetes, and Azure Service Operator.

It basically takes Kubernetes’ cloud-native orchestration expertise to allow operators to roll out and manage new services in their 5G and edge deployments. This will allow for faster onboarding of network functions into a production environment that mimics the DevOps process used by hyperscalers.

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Nephio "Exciting news for the telecommunications industry!

Nephio is set to launch their first release soon. This release promises to revolutionise the 5G automation by providing the framework to deploy 5G core Network Functions (NFs) using the CUPS architecture.
In addition, it plans to includes the features like upgrading the user-plane and control-plane capacities in the network, including the resources for UPFs and SMF instances.

Stay tuned for more updates as we look forward to this game-changing release!

NOTE: Nephio is a Kubernetes-based intent-driven automation of network functions and the underlying infrastructure that supports those functions.

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