Neighbour strategy for 3G multi carrier

Dear experts,

What is the best neighbour strategy for 3G multi carrier? We have 1 career in u900 and 3 career in U2100.

The strategy depends of coverage…
For example:
If you have all of sites with U2100 F1/F2 and some sites with U2100 F3 or U900 best way is:
In Co-site U2100 (F1/F2/F3) and U900 (G1)
In neighbouring U2100 (F1/F2) to U2100 (F1/F2) both ways and for U2100 F3 to F3 and U900 to U900 and U900 to U2100 (F1/F2)…
Basic the idea is mobility in F1/F2 or G1 (that’s depending of coverage) and F3 to balance traffic (or G1) (if coverage from F3 and G1 is discontinued and F1/F2 is continue)…

It depends on your layer strategy that which layer will the coverage superior which one capacity …
Usually most of the operators using the U900 as coverage as the First layer -F1 then the U2100 SC1,SC2 and based on the carrier deployment and defining your layers you can define the HO strategy between layers for example slightly_smiling_face:
F1-SC1F2 HO happen based on the 2ndecno-2nd RScp threshold definition
F1-GSM 900
F1-G1800 as well and so on so please first read the carrier deployment Guideline before taking any action

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