Need help to improve Nokia VoLTE KPI

Hi Experts,
i need your help to improve Nokia Volte KPI. The issue is on:

1 Volte DCR which is currently around 1.25avg while the target is 0.5%. What are the key parameters which can help us to improve this KPI. Also, can you suggest the area where we need to check and work to improve this KPI’s? This is in the starting phase of the Network, Volte is yet to launch.

2.SRVCC Success rate is 93.45% and target is 97.5% at least. Please highlight what areas need to be worked on to improve this KPI. Also suggest any other specific parameters which can improve SRVCC success rate.

Non-Nokia experts can also send their suggestions.


DCR and SRVCC can be improve both by relaxing SRVCC HO threshold which will improve your sucess rate as well as DCR

hope you don’t have other contradicting KPIs based on SRVCC IRAT per call rate where it will impact that but customer experience will be improved