Need comments on CA between L1800 and L2600 bands

Hello Experts, Need your comments on this , CA between two bands ,supposed L1800+L2600 whereby PCell is L1800 and SCell is L2600 so if UE is camped on L1800 then CA works fine but if UE is on L2600 then does this CA still works? Can anyone confirm this ?

both same mhz??? for example if 1800 is on 5Mhz and 2600 having 20Mhz then it will not work

i know this further lets reply experts

L18 is 10Mhz and L26 is 20Mhz. Does it really depend on how much bandwidth each layer has ?

yes if parameter define like that

Well I thought it’s all about how Pcell and Scell is configured ,irrespective of their bandwidths

ca is fail if you have super cell or umbrella cell

Can you please elaborate super cell here ?


its like physical connectivity over both band.

  • both layer power will higher of lower band and lower power of higher band

  • coverage of lower band capacity of higher band

  • layer balancing should be off

  • physical connection via SRIO cable

For Nokia you need SRIO but for huawei you don’t

Experts,can anyone confirm CA can work in this kind of situation ?

ok than do it

Yes it will work. With configuration u can…Other is traffic volume too

Which configuration you require? You mean CA config should be capable of doing this

You can do with more than two bands as well

Yes CA configuration

3ca it is also possible. CA aware feature will work here…if huawei have

3ca as well

2CC with 3CA

3CC with 3CA

2CC with 2CA

Will confirm it’s working in my network

MOD ENODEBALGOSWITCH:CAALGOSWITCH=PdcchOverlapSrchSpcSwitch-1&CaCapbFiltSwitch-0&PccAnchorSwitch-1&SccBlindCfgSwitch-1&FreqCfgSwitch-0&SccA2RmvSwitch-1&CaTrafficTriggerSwitch-1&HoWithSccCfgSwitch-0&SccModA6Switch-0&GbrAmbrJudgeSwitch-1;

RF script includes the below content:
Add neighbor cell relation.

Hope it will help

Which one of this switch is specifically for that ? Because UE is camped on L2600 which configured as a Scell so does Pcell gets activated automatically ?

All switches, if u want configure pcell and scell configure in other first commands