Need Advice on Optimizing 5G Network Performance and Troubleshooting Common Issues

Hello there,

I am working as a network engineer for a mid sized telecom company; and we have recently rolled out our 5G network in several urban areas. While the initial deployment went relatively smoothly; we have encountered several challenges that are impacting performance and user experience.

In densely populated areas; we are noticing significant signal interference; leading to reduced network performance. What strategies or tools do you recommend for effectively mitigating interference in such environments?

During peak hours; the network experiences high congestion; causing slow speeds and dropped connections. We have implemented load balancing and increased backhaul capacity; but we are still seeing issues. Are there additional techniques or technologies that could help alleviate congestion?

We have observed a higher than expected rate of handover failures when users move between cells. This is particularly problematic for users on the move; such as those in vehicles. What best practices can we follow to improve handover success rates?

Some of our enterprise clients have reported higher latency than expected; especially for time-sensitive applications. We have optimized our network as much as possible; but there may be aspects we are overlooking.

Also, I have gone through various post in this website: which definitely helped me out a lot.

We are interested in gathering user feedback more effectively to understand their pain points and address them proactively. What methods or tools do you suggest for collecting and analyzing user feedback efficiently?

Thankyou in advance for your help and assistance.