nB parameter value as One T

Hi Experts,
Please help to explain significance of parameter nB value as One T and default paging value as rf32.
I’m finding with current settings UE not able to read MT paging, is it invalid?

nB is used to calculate the number and position of Paging Occasions (PO) and Paging Frames (PF).
The numerical value of nB depends on the value of the defaultPagingCycle (T) and can be set to one of the following values:
4T, 2T, T, T/2, T/4, T/8, T/16, T/32.
When nB is set to T, 2T or 4T, it determines the number of POs per PF, and the PO position in PF.
When nB is set to a value smaller than T, it affects the System Frame Number of the PF, the position of PO in the PF, and also distribution of UE into groups with the same PF.
When nB is set to smaller value, amount of groups is smaller, but amount of UEs inside each groups is larger. When nB is set to a larger value, amount of groups is larger but amount of UEs inside each groups is smaller.

RBS paging capacity is determined by the number of
available POs per radio frame. This number is configured using the parameter
nB. Use these equations and charts to see how different values of nB vary the Paging Capacity. RBS Paging Capacity is dependent on 4 different criteria 1. CPU Load, 2. PDSCH Load, 3. Blocking due to PDSCH Limitations(nB is related here) 4. PDCCH Load.


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