NB-IoT Volume & Others Counters

Hello Experts.

I’m trying to get NB-IoT DL Volume info for Huawei and Ericsson.

I was able to get in Huawei easily, via U2020 GUI → Query Performance.

NB-IoT Cell Throughput and Data Volume Measurement → L.NB.Thrp.bits.DL.Phy

But in ENM, i did’nt find a proper GUI to do the same… :frowning:

Basically, i want to download counter NbIoTCell.pmRadioThpVolDl to all NB-IoT Ericsson cells.

Any expert could guide me (inform) if is there an easier way (other than using commands in AMOS & Moshell)?

I want to download it in Ericsson using GUI - just like i did for Huawei (using U2020 web).

Thanks in advance.

Ericsson has business intelligence tool to fetch counter.
If you don’t have BI tool access, you can download raw pm files in XML format

From ENM and read it in Excel or any XML reader
Raw pm files can be accessed by ftp from below location(for enm)

Also there is a module in ENM called KPI management.
From there you should be able to fetch pre defined/user defined kpi/counter.
Just have a look. :wink: