NB-IOT RACH/RRC Performance deteriorated

To Ericsson Experts.
Recently we upgrade our RAN Software to L20.Q1 release.
After that our NB-IOT RACH/RRC Performance was changed drastically.

RACH Attempt Reduce, RACH Success Rate Improved, RRC Attempt Maintain /Reduce, RRC SR % Reduce?

Does any one has faced this problem?

What about traffic?
Is it keeping the same trend?

Hi @Medhat.Khalifa
No UL Data volume Reduce more and DL Data Volume reduce Marginally.

We are able to manage the KPIs and adjust few internal system constant change, but I am more curious to know the reason. What in RAN L20.Q1 can impact the Initial RRC Setup Rate % and Improve RACH SR %.

Here is screenshot:

Please do check the Network Impact Report available in Alex for this SW release, every release has some changes/additions for the parameters and counters behaviors, etc.

Hi @Vicky,
Any impact on RSSI may a minor one… but having any change?
Also are these sites Baseband?

Hello @Akash_Srivastav,
For your record.

Are the sites Baseband?
And during the update any restart taken place on LTE or RRU?

You have coverage levels for control messages repetition, (0,1,2) check the RRC/NPRACH for each level, i believe level 1/2 are degraded, so disable 1/2 and keep 0 On.