Nation-level average Throughput Speeds

Hi Experts.
We know that avg throughput can be influenced by many factors, then how would we predict the nation-level average throughput speeds after let’s say, 5 years?
Any prediction model, or rough studies suggestions?

What about this?
You can plot long trend for number of users Vs. User throughput.
And see the increase in users with respect to throughput decrease.
And get percentage of change year to year.

Huawei has it in smart care tool.
Prediction results can be obtained.
Regarding traffic and users.

I believe it has more to it than just those 2 factors, the available bandwidth is going to increase through new allocation and refarming (i.e. switching off legacy), the deployment of new sites and where they’re deployed…etc.
I think it’s a huge thing to be calculated.
And think from a nation level of multiple operators/vendors not just from a vendors point of view.
But I’m just curious how should this be tackled.
It’s measured through a global index from a crowdsourcing company and/or a DT in the field of single point testing or cluster drives.
I think it’s a discussion type of a question rather than straight forward answers.

Ah got your point.
If on this large scale, I agree it is not straight forward.