Nasa's rover makes breathable oxygen on Mars

NASA converted carbon dioxide into pure, breathable oxygen in Mars’ soil. It is an unbelievable feat!

We are so “busy” with day-to-day affairs, often arid, that things like that seem trivial.

Nasa’s rover makes breathable oxygen on Mars

We need the system on Earth the most looking into situation prevailing due to covid ( Such advancements in technology should be directed to service of life on this globe.
It seems to me quite strange that instead we keep our house (earth) in order and peaceful, we are trying to establish on other planets.
Have we overcome global warming?
Do we have clean water available to every human being?
There are many issues here which need our prime focus.

Just my thoughts, anyone can disagree :slight_smile:

I partially agree.
We need improvements in Earth too, you’re right, but also these kind of developments sometimes is the start of some even more advanced developments.

Just like some great improvements we have now in our cars started with F1 (Formula 1):

In this case (Making oxygen from Mars carbon dioxide atmosphere), such development can bring even more disruptive demands and solutions in future. :wink:

I agree.
Have not yet broken the relatives of the vaccines COVID 19 to any country produce. what is more important, the market(money) or the health of people on earth?