Multiple cells suffering from degradation of LTE INTRA-RAT HO

Hi Experts,
I have multiple cells suffering from degradation of LTE INTRA-RAT HO.
I noticed that the affected cells have GOOD levels of UL interference but neighbours cells - which have most incoming HO requests - have BAD levels of UL interference.
Is this always the case?

All source cells handing over to interfered target cells will have their intra RAT HHO degraded.
The solution is to reduce HO attempt to such interfered cell or temporary blockage.

The thing is that the source cells have good HO levels, unlike the target cells.

Which state are you experiencing the failure?

Not really sure honestly, but I assume CELL_DCH.
Do I need a trace to specify that?

You can stretch the relocation timer for to enhance success rate.
Also you can stretch T304 & T301 timers.