MU-MIMO maximum number of layers for one UE

@RFSpecialist, this GoB is fixed per radio module. What is the dynamic GoB?

Sorry yes, GoB is fixed.
SSBs are static not related to UEs.
Whereas PDSCH beams are dynamic means it depends on UE location.
So for n1=2 and n2=2 there can be 64 PDSCH beams meaning 64 different PDSCH beam locations.
Which of the 64 beam(s) will be used in next TTI/slot is based on PMI reports of the UE.
The stuff with “UE reports 4 strongest beams” is for csi-rs beams.

In LTE, both cqi/pmi periodic & aperiofic used.
But in 5G, Huawei said almost UE only support periodic report.

And csi-rs beams are used just in mmWave as far as I have seen.

Dynamic means with pmi beam can be more refined with feedback right.
But it can not track UE in the same beam with mobility.

If UE is in mobility it will change beam, but based on PMI reports it will do this.

Yes thanks, but the same feedback mechanism we have with ssb as well if beam refinement is off.

Beam refinement I have seen only in mmWave not on FR1.

It’s reverse what I study :roll_eyes:

I think we have it with FR1 in Nokia; let me double check.

Do you mean you have seen in FR1 csi-rs beams and beam refinement?

Not in logs, but as per the features and paramter are available for FR1 also.

Yes correct, I’ve never seen for FR2 tried to ask friend trainer as well he said only FR1 having capability.

In Huawei it is mentioned for FR2 csi-rs beams, more precisely 64 csi-rs beams in mmWave.

Really let me cross check. I read 64 ssb with FR2 but we are using 32 with concept of beam sweeping.

It’s possbile to have case with 16 SSBs in mmWave FR2.
It makes more sense to use CSI-RS beams (beam refinement) in mmWave because this is where high gain is needed.

1 ssb beam, how many CSI-RS beams for Huawei in FR2?

FR1 it is use to have more 4x4 users with lower ssb and more csi rs beam.

4 CSI-RS beams.

Thanks on this we are on same page:
1 ssb = 4 CSI-RS beam