MU-MIMO in NR results for SCS 30 kHz and BW 100 MHz

Hi All.

Anyone having trial results for MU-MIMO in NR with 8 SSB beams and 8 users paired considering 16 layers and 2x2 MIMO?

What is user throughput and cell throughput, for SCS 30 kHz and BW 100 MHz?

MU-MIMO is not done with SSB beams but with PDSCH beams (that can be from PMI weights or SRS weights).

SSB beams are too large.

PMI/SRS weighted beams are narrow.

Yes that concept for Huawei only we discussed long back here in forum.

It’s mentioned as well SSB beam = 2 layers where data can be carried.

For 100 Mhz SCS 30 kHz I have seen user throughput of 1,3 Gbpsec with 5 CA.

Only NR throughput was like 800-900 Mbpsec.

For MU-MIMO cell throughput is like 6x maximum 7x user throughput.

This is because there is interference between layers. But this is seldom reached, it needs special users locations for this.

Situation above is for 8 MU-MIMO users.

Pairing for MU-MIMO in Huawei is subject of parameters: you can force more MU-MIMO pairing with less results.

So it is advice to keep default values recommended by Huawei.