Move 3G Signaling from Dedicated channels to HSPA

In 3G, do you have any idea about benefits of moving signaling from dedicated channels to HSPA?
And how its done?
Vendor is Huawei.

You will save resources since each ADCH uses a CE…
Activate the feature SRB over HSPA.

Pay attention regarding the old models, if it is your case:
BTS2812E, 3812A, 3812AE…
BBU3806 is configured with EBBC or EBBCd
BBU3900 is configured with WBBPb, WBBPd or WBBBf at least…

Please verify in your RAN release Hedex about SRB over HSPA. :wink:

PCSR for sure will be decrease, especially bad UEs which couldnt support 2ms tti